ALMCAN Manufacturing was established in 1986. ALMCAN was purchased by Southgate Manufacturing Inc. in August 2013. Southgate respects the history of the ALMCAN brand and continues to use the ALMCAN name in association with their product. Southgate Manufacturing Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer, producing and distributing the ALMCAN brand of metal building products and hardware. Southgate Manufacturing Inc. is located north of Waterloo in Wallenstein Ontario. Its highly advanced manufacturing facility has established and maintained a reputation of excellence in the quality of its products and customer service. Determined to be leaders in the hardware and metal building products industry, Southgate Manufacturing Inc. has been guided by a management team with over 30 years of experience in the industry and backed by a reliable and responsive staff trained to meet customer expectations and exceed industry standards. Southgate Manufacturing Inc. is your best source for quality metal building products. Southgate Manufacturing Inc. distributes hardware and metal building products throughout Canada. The ALMCAN brand of products is a choice supplier to major building supply companies, lumberyards and hardware stores. Southgate Manufacturing’s wide range of distributed and manufactured products include Power Posts (fence spikes), Window Wells, Folding Table Legs and Bench Legs, Joist Anchors, Joist Hangers, Hurricane Ties, Fence and Deck Hardware, Roof Clips, Brick Ties, Concrete Re-Bar, Wire Mesh, Concrete Spreaders, Spreader Bars, Adjustable Metal Columns, Mono Posts, Anchor Bolts, Aluminum Weatherstrip, and Rod and Shelf Brackets. We also do custom manufacturing on request.